Ortho Distributors:

Still operating in your manufacturers' shadow?

We help orthopedic distributors take the lead in medical device marketing with specialized digital strategies targeted where surgeons gather online.

Thrust Digital Orthopedic (TDO) is owned and operated by a former ortho rep turned web design and digital marketing professional, and here's what we know for sure: if you're like most orthopedic distributors, you have a glaring, untapped opportunity . . .

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of your manufacturers’ web content and media is at your disposal, FOR FREE. If you’re not using it to build YOUR brand into a mountain, we need to talk.


Don't spend your time explaining your business model to some web developer. I'm Jaime Cadle, former representative of such brands as Acumed, Biomet, Tornier, Medartis, Stryker, Lima, and many others, and I'm already helping other distributors to get established online and connect directly with surgeons searching for solutions.

How can TDO help your distributorship?

  • Implement ROI based digital strategies
  • Maximize your unique product synergy: all your manufacturers and their products in one place online, under your brand
  • Establish next level representation for your manufacturers, and recognition in the orthopedic community
  • Compete with manufacturers for search engine ranking
  • Put surgeons in direct contact with your reps or into a lead generating contact form
  • Increase market share

We'll establish a robust online presence that will put surgeons directly in touch with the members of your team who can provide the solution they're looking for.

You’ve worked hard for your relationships, but are your relationships working hard for you? We need to talk if:

The full range of your product offering is a secret that you keep from search engines

You're not running PPC ads, in targeted regions and demographics, for the devices with the greatest ROI potential

There is no quick, simple connection between the device a surgeon needs, and your contact information

You’re concerned about looking expendable in a manufacturer acquisition

Start With A Qualification Call

If you made it this far, good chance you have the kinds of problems that we solve. And here’s the next step in the process.

Schedule a time for a 10 to 15 minute call with me. Let’s get to know each other and see if we can help.